1. control, restraint, check, curb; blockage, impediment, obstruction, inhibition, hindrance, encumbrance, determent, deterrent, restriction, fettering, shackling, chaining, tethering, harnessing, bridling; constraint, cramp, limitation, confinement, keeping back, suppression; prevention, forbiddance, embargo, interdict, interdiction, prohibition; disallowance, preclusion, obviation.
2. suppression, withholding, hiding, concealing, concealment, burial; censorship, keeping back, denying, denial, abnegation; mask, disguise, cloak, veil, screen, shroud, camouflage, cover-up; muzzling, muffling, muting, stilling, hushing up, quieting, silencing; smothering, stifling, suffocating, suffocation, choking down, gagging.
3. quelling, quashing, putting down, squelching, squashing; overthrow, overturn, subversion; overcoming, conquest, defeat, vanquishment; quenching, extinguishment, killing, stamping or snuffing out, putting out, trampling; doing away with, removal, disposal, getting rid of, dissolution; elimination, termination, stoppage, arrestment, putting an end to.
4. subjugation, subjection, enthrallment, enslavement, slavery, captivity, bondage; oppression, ruling with a high or iron hand, ruling with a rod of iron; tyranny, U.S. (usu. of politics) bossism, dictatorship, despotism, sovereignty, supremacy; ascendancy, authority, influence, power, mastery, the whip or upper hand; domineeringness, browbeating, intimidating, intimidation; bullying, riding roughshod over, riding herd on.

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